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YAMAURA SANEO(山浦真雄) , as known as Masao(正雄), was a Japanese swordsmith in Musashi province. He had a younger brother, Kiyomaro(清麿), one of the most famous swordsmiths.



  • 1804-1874

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*Unlike his brother Kiyomaro, who lived freely, Yamaura Saneo worked for several feudal domains and his style of work varies by domain and age.

1840-1847 working for Komoro domain : Produced small TACHI(太刀) mainly. Signed with Tennenshi Toshimasa(天然子寿昌).
1848-1853 working for Ueda domain : Produced many good WAKIZASHI (脇差) and TANTO (短刀). Signed with Masao(正雄), Minamoto Masao(源正雄),Yamaura Noboru Masao(山浦昇正雄) and Yamaura Noboru Minamoto Masao(山浦昇源正雄).
1853-1868 working for Matsushiro domain : Produced long swords such as NAGAMAKI(長巻) and NAGINATA(薙刀) . Signed with Matsushiro Saneo(松代士真雄) Shinano-ju Saneo(信州住真雄), Yamaura Saneo(山浦真雄), Yushaken Saneo(遊射軒真雄) and Yuunsai Saneo(遊雲斎真雄).
After 1868 : Produced narrow and short HIRA-ZUKURI(平造) swords mainly. Signed with Toshinaga(寿長)

Early works : Tight NIOIKUCHI(匂口)JUKA-CHOJI(重花丁子).
Later works : Soshu tradition style GUNOME(互の目).


  • Yamaura Saneo is the most skilled smith, next to his younger brother Kiyomaro, among the Yamaura clan that many skilled swordsmiths belonged to. However, in regards to sharpness, Saneo’s swords are considered superior to that of his brother’s swords.
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