yamatokami yasusada japanese sword

YAMATOKAMI YASUSADA(大和守安定) was a Japanese swordsmith in Musashi province. 



  • Edo period.

Related swordsmiths

  • Izumikami Kaneshige(和泉守兼重)
  • Echizen Yasutsugu 2nd(二代越前康継)
  • KOTETSU(虎徹)


Shape : Tapered blade, a shallow SORI(反り) and a small KISSAKI(切先).
Hada : Finely-grained MOKUME-HADA(杢目肌)MASAME-HADA(柾目肌) apparent on SHINOGI-JI(鎬地).
Hamon : NIE-DEKI(沸出来), large NOTARE(のたれ) or pointed GUNOME(互の目).
Boshi : JIZO(地蔵) or KO-MARU(小丸).
Other : SAIDAN-MEI(裁断銘).


  • Yamatokami Yasusada was known for making the highly-sharpened swords and he was rated at the Ryo-WAZAMONO(良業物). Most of his swords have the Saidan-mei inscribed into the NAKAGO(茎).
  • His swords were very popular among swordsmen of the time for its high cutting ability. Even some famous swordsmen were known to possess his swords namely; Okita Soji(沖田総司), Iba Hachiro(伊庭八郎) and Oishi Kurajiro(大石鍬次郎).
  • His birthplace is still uncertain, One theory says that he was born in Sekido of Kii province but his swords don’t have the characteristics of the OSAKA ISHIDO SCHOOL(大阪石堂派)
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