What is Wazamono(業物)?

wazamono japanese sword

  • Wazamono refers to the swordsmiths, who made well-sharpened swords. These are listed in the book called Kaiho Kenjaku(懐宝剣尺) written by a sword tester, 5th generation Yamada Asauemon(五代目山田浅右衞門). He tested the cutting ability of the swords from Koto to Shinshinto and rated them in 4 groups of sharpness, which is as follows:
  1. Saijo O-wazamono  (Outstanding cutting swords)
  2. O-wazamono  (Excellent cutting swords)
  3. Ryo-wazamono  (Great cutting swords)
  4. Wazamono  (Good cutting swords)
  • The list was made by testing the cutting ability of a sword on the dead bodies of criminals. In order to test accurately, all the tested bodies were muscular males aged between 40 to 50 years old.


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