TENPO Era(天保)

tenpo era japanese sword

  • The swords from the Tenpo era (1830-1844) are often referred to as Tenpo-Uchi(天保打ち). These swords have such common characteristics as wide, long, thick, and not tapered, large KISSAKI(切先), and deep SORI(反り)
  • Some of the most famous leading smiths of the time are YAMAURA KIYOMARO(山浦清麿), TAIKEI NAOTANE(大慶直胤)SA YUKIHIDE(左行秀), SUISHINSHI MASAHIDE(水心子正秀), and KOYAMA MUNETSUGU (固山宗次). They were in their prime and they competed against each other. This competition took the swordmaking in Japan to the next level.
  • Among these acclaimed smiths above, Munetsugu’s works are marvelous the most. If you find one of his swords of this period, you should buy without any question. In fact, over half of his works designated the NBTHK Juyo Token(important sword) are from the Tenpo era.
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