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TAMETSUGU(為継) was a Japanese swordsmith in Ecchu and Mino province.



  • Nanbokucho period.

Related swordsmiths

  • Go Yoshihiro(郷義弘)
  • Norishige(則重)


Shape :
Hamon : NIE-DEKI(沸出来). Hazy NIOIKUCHI(匂口). Irregular NOTARE(のたれ)SUGUHA(直刃) with small GUNOME(互の目).


  • Tametsugu is considered to have been a son of Go Yoshihiro(郷義弘) who was a student of Masamune(正宗). After his father died at the age of 27, he apprenticed to Norishige(則重), who was also a student of Masamune. This is a reason why his swords have some characteristics of the SOSHU Tradition(相州伝). Actually, some of his unsigned swords are attributed to Masamune.
  • He was working in Echizen at first but moved to Mino at some point during 1369-1376.
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