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TAKADA SCHOOL(高田派), was a Japanese sword school founded by Tomoyuki(友行), who had his roots in the SAMONJI SCHOOL(左文字派).



  • Nanbokucho period to Edo period.

Famous Swordsmiths from the school

  • Kuniyuki(国行)
  • Muneyuki(統行)
  • Sadayuki(貞行)
  • Tomoyuki(友行)
  • Yukimitsu(行光)
  • Yukinaga(行長)


ShapeSORI(反り) is shallow.
Hada : Rough-grained MOKUME-HADA(杢目肌).
Hamon : NIOI-DEKI(匂出来). Irregular GUNOME(互の目) or SUGUHA(直刃).

Other :


  • The quality and characteristics of the Takada school swords are somewhat incoherent as the school focused on the sharpness and the practical use more rather than appearance. For this reason, their swords are not so popular.
  • The school also left some good-looking swords but in many cases a signature is already removed from these swords. Because some bad sword dealers often made the school’s swords unsigned in an attempt to get a better appraisal from the NBTHK.
  • As their swords made in the KOTO period often have the Kanji character “Taira”(平) in the signature, they are often classified as the Taira Takada school (平高田派). Likewise, their SHINTO and SHINSHINTO period swords have the Kanji characters “Fujiwara”(藤原) then they are classified as the Fujiwara Takada school(藤原高田派).
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