What is Koshiba(腰刃)? Koshiba refers to a surging YAKIDASHI(焼出し). It’s totally opposites to YAKIOTOSHI(焼落とし). This Yakiotoshi style common in some swords by Bizen area, Heianjo [...]


What is Yakiotoshi(焼落とし)? Yakiotoshi refers to a YAKIDASHI(焼出し) starting from not NAKAGO(茎) but 3 to 5 cm above HA-MACHI(刃区). This is seen in some swords made Heian to Kamakura period, especially [...]


What is Sugu-Yakidashi(直焼出し) ? Sugu-Yakidashi refers to a straight YAKIDASHI(焼出し). A shorter one is known as Edo-Yakidashi(江戸焼出し) as it’s seen commonly in the swords made in the Edo city [...]


What is Yakidashi(焼出し) ? Yakidashi refers to the beginning of HAMON(刃文), which runs 3 to 5 cm above HA-MACHI(刃区). The style varies by time and place. It was not until SHINTO(新刀) that a [...]


What is Osaka Yakidashi(大阪焼出し)?  Osaka Yakidashi refers to a YAKIDASHI(焼出し), which widens gradually as it goes up. It is common in swords produced in Settsu province (Osaka pref today) after [...]