What is Jumonji-Yari(十文字槍)? Jumonji-Yari refers to a cross-shaped spear developed by Inei (胤栄), a monk and a guardian of the temples in Nara prefecture. It is also called Gekken(月剣), which [...]


What is Nagamaki(長巻)? Nagamaki means a long sword with a blade over 60cm and a NAKAGO(茎) of about equal length to the blade. Some of Nagamaki have KISSAKI(切先). Sword remodeled from a Nagamaki is [...]


What is Ken(剣)? Ken, also known as Tsurugi, refers to a Japanese sword with a straight double-edged blade. This type of sword was used from at least the 3rd century until the 6th century in Japan [...]


What is Naginata(薙刀)? Naginata refers to a Japanese halberd, which has a curved single-edged blade. Naginata remodeled into a sword is called Naginata-Noishi(薙刀直し). In the peaceful Edo period, [...]


What is Tachi(太刀)? Tachi refers to swords longer and curved bigger than KATANA(刀). The name comes from the phrase of “Tachi-kiru (断ち切る)”, which literary means cutting off. Tachi is [...]

TANTO (短刀)

What is Tanto (短刀)? Tanto refers to knives with the blade from 15 cm to 30 cm. Tanto is designed to stab, while KATANA(刀) is to swing down. Some Tanto are very thick for piercing the armor. For [...]


What is Wakizashi (脇差)? Wakizashi refers to a sword with a blade from 30 cm to 60 cm. It is used as a spare of KATANA(刀), but some Samurai preferred to use it as a main weapon instead. In the Edo [...]


What is Katana(刀)? Katana refers to a type of Japanese sword with a blade over 60 cm. Katana is the collective term for Japanese sword also. Originally Katana is designed for ground combat, [...]

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