EDO ISHIDO SCHOOL(江戸石堂派) was a branch of the Ishido school(石堂派) in Edo city of Musahi province. Region Musashi province(Tokyo metropolis today) Active The Edo period Famous Swordsmiths from the [...]


MUTSU-KAMI KANEYASU(陸奥守包保) was a Japanese swordsmith born in Yamato and worked in Settsu and Shinano province.  Region Yamato, Settsu, and Shinano province (Nara,Osaka, and Nagano prefecture [...]


TSUNAHIRO(綱広) was a Japanese swordsmith active in Sagami province.  Region Sagami province(Kanagawa prefecture today) Active Muromachi period. Related swordsmiths GISUKE(義助) Tsunaie(綱家)*elderly [...]

Shape of Sword : Edo Period Genroku Era

What influenced the change in the shape of sword made in the Edo period, Kanbun Era? (1688-1704) Like the previous Kanbun era, the Genroku era was a very peaceful period in Japanese history, as a [...]

Shape of Sword : Edo Period Kanbun Era

What influenced the change in the shape of sword made in the Edo period, Kanbun Era? (1661-1681) During this period, the Japanese swordplay became so popular and many swordplay facilities were [...]


SENDAI KUNIKANE(仙台国包) was a Japanese swordsmith in Mutsu province. He is rated at SAIJO-WAZAMONO(最上大業物). Region Mutsu province (Sendai of Miyagi prefecture today) Active ca. 1592 – 1665 [...]


KOTETSU(虎徹) was a Japanese swordsmith working in Edo, Musashi province. Region Musashi province (Tokyo metropolis today) Active ca. 1605 – 1678 Related swordsmiths Izumi-kami [...]


MIZUTA SCHOOL(水田派) was a Japanese sword school founded by Tatsubo Kunishige(辰房国重) in Mizuta of Bizen province. Region Bizen province (Okayama prefecture today) Active The end of Muromachi period [...]


HOKI-KAMI NOBUTAKA(伯耆守信高) was a Japanese swordsmith working in Mino and Owari province. His name was succeeded through 10 generations until the end of the Edo period.  Region Mino and [...]

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