KANESADA(兼定) was a Japanese swordsmith working in Seki of Mino province. His name was succeeded through many generations until the end of the Edo period. He is rated at O-wazamono ranking. Region [...]


ECHIZEN-SEKI SCHOOL(越前関派), was a Japanese sword school founded by a group of swordsmiths who moved together from Mino province. Region Echizen province (Fukui province today) Active Edo period. [...]


MISHINA SCHOOL(三品派) was a Japanese sword school founded by Kanemichi (兼道), a descendant of  SHIZU SABURO KANEUJI(志津三郎兼氏) in Seki of Yamashiro province. Region Yamashiro province (Kyoto [...]


SEKI SCHOOL(関派) refers to the swordsmiths working in Seki village of Mino province. The swords made by them are referred to as SEKI MONO(関物).  Region Mino province (Gifu prefecture today) Active [...]

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