Nakago Appraisal

Why the Nakago is so important? Along with the sword shape, the sword characteristics, and the signature, You can get some ideas of the sword’s age and the maker from the NAKAGO(茎). The [...]


What is Tagane-Makura(鏨枕)? A Tagane-Makura refers to the rim of the signature, which is made when a swordsmith inscribed his signature in the NAKAGO(茎) with the chisel called Tagane(鏨). This is [...]


What is Tanago-Bara-Nakago(たなご腹茎)? Tanago-Bara-Nakago refers to the NAKAGO(茎) which resembles a fish’s belly. The swords by the SENGO SCHOOL(千子派) and SHIMADA SCHOOL(島田派) often have this Nakago.


What is Sotoba-Nakago(卒塔婆茎)? Sotoba-Nakago refers to the NAKAGO(茎) which resembles a Japanese wooden grave tablet, Sotoba(卒塔婆). The KONGOBYOEI SCHOOL(金剛兵衛派) swords often have this Nakago.


What is Nakago(茎)? Nakago refers to the tang of a Japanese sword.  In 701, the Japanese government ordered sword smiths to inscribe their signature into the tang of swords they made. However, [...]


What is Ubu-Nakago(生ぶ茎)? Ubu-Nakago refers to the NAKAGO(茎) remaining as it is. Ubu-Nakago is considered so precious and rare. Because a large number of swords have already been shortened due to [...]