What is Sumigomori(炭籠り)? Sumigomori, which literally means “Charcoal Left Inside”, refers to the tiny hole or hollow in the blade. The hole is a mark of a fragment of charcoal and [...]


What is Saiha(再刃)? Saiha, which is also called as Saiba, refers to the re-hardening of the cutting edge of a sword in order to make a new HAMON(刃文). This technique is used to restore a damaged [...]


What is Hagire(刃切れ) ? Hagire refers to a crack in the blade. A crack in the KISSAKI(切先) is called Karasu-Guchi(鳥口) also, which literary means a crow’s beak.


What is Fukure(脹れ) ? Fukure refers to a blister like swelling on the sword. It results from the insufficient forging in sword making process. 


What is Umegane(埋め金) ? Umegane refers to the steel patch filling a pit or a hole in a sword. Some people consider it a critical flaw, but there’re some swords with Umegane designated to an [...]


What is Kitae-Ware(鍛え割れ)? Kitae-Ware, or simply Ware, refers to a tear in the sword. This tear results from the insufficient forging in sword making process. Novice collectors often take it too [...]