Other certificates

Only The NBTHK issues certificates? Other than the NBTHK, there are some associates, appraisers, and shops issuing their own certificate but the NBTHK’s one is still the most popular. [...]

Forgery of the Japanese sword

Is your sword genuine or fake? Like other fine arts, there’re many deceptions in the world of the Japanese sword. The most well-known one is arguably the false signature [...]

NBTHK certificate ranking and criteria

What is the NBTHK? The NBTHK (short for Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai) was founded in February 1948 as an authorized foundation by the government with a mission to preserve the Japanese [...]


What is Honami(本阿弥)? Honami family is a family of sword appraisers and polishers, which have continued for generations. The family originally served the Ashikaga clan and polished the [...]