What is Kaki-Boshi(書き帽子)? Kaki-Boshi refers to adding a new BOSHI(帽子) by polishing and needling. Even under the light, it’s still hard to tell if the Boshi is a Kaki-Boshi or not. It [...]


What is Ichimai Boshi(一枚帽子)? Ichimai Boshi refers to a BOSHI(帽子), located where KISSAKI(切先) is fully or almost fully hardened. In some cases, the outline of Boshi is more often found near [...]


What is Mishina Boshi(三品帽子)? Mishina Boshi refers to a BOSHI(帽子) ,which curves inward but the top is pointed. This Boshi was developed by Mishina school(三品派).


What is Jizo (地蔵) ?  Jizo refers to a BOSHI(帽子), which looks like the shape of a Jizo sitting. The Boshi is common in the swords produced in Mino province.

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