Nakago Appraisal

Why the Nakago is so important? Along with the sword shape, the sword characteristics, and the signature. You can get some ideas of the sword’s age and the maker from the NAKAGO(茎). The [...]


What is Sayagaki(鞘書き)? Sayagaki refers to the attribution or appraisal written on the SHIRASAYA(白鞘). In many cases, it mentions the swordsmith and the other inscriptions on the NAKAGO(茎), the [...]


What is Kuwana-Uchi(桑名打ち)? Kuwana-Uchi literally means “made in Kuwana city of Ise province” but in most cases, it refers to fake swords made in Kuwana. Many fake swords were made in [...]


What is Honami(本阿弥)? Honami is a family of sword appraisers and polishers, which have continued for generations. The family originally served Ashikaga clan and polished the clan’s swords. [...]

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