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SUISHINSHI MASAHIDE(水心子正秀) was a Japanese swordsmith in Musashi province. He was as known as Kawabe Gihachiro(川部儀八郎) and Amahide(天秀) also.



  • 1750-1825.

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Before 1811: Flamboyant Hamon influenced by Soshu tradition(相州伝), Tsuda Sukehiro(津田助広) and INOUE SHINKAI(井上真改).
After 1811: Calm Hamon influenced by old BIZEN Tradition(備前伝).


  • Suishinshi Masahide known as the originator of SHINSHINTO(新々刀), made 369 in total in his life.
  • Masahide’s real name was Kawabe Gihachiro(川部儀八郎), he changed his smith name several times. The 1st was Takuei (宅英), the 2nd was Hidekuni(英国), and the 3rd was his best-known name, Suishinshi Masahide, but when his son succeeded that name at 1818, he changed his smith name to Amahide(天秀).
  • In his early years, he made swords with gorgeous Hamon. After 1811, However, the smith started pursuing the old traditional method.
  • He had over 100 apprentices. Among them were Taikei Naotane, Hosokawa Masayoshi and Chounsai Tsunatoshi. Not only teaching his own apprentices, But the smith also wrote over 10 books to bring his sword-making techniques to smiths throughout the country.
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