shizu saburo kaneuzi

SHIZU SABURO KANEUZI(志津三郎兼氏) was a Japanese swordsmith in Mino province. He is also known as O-Shizu(大志津).



  • Kamakura period to Nanbokucho period.

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Shape : Thin blade.
HadaITAME-HADA(板目肌) blended with MASAME-HADA(柾目肌).
Hamon : The Yamato tradition style SUGUHA(直刃) or the Soshu tradition style NOTARE(のたれ) blended with GUNOME(互の目).
BoshiYAKIZUME(焼詰) is often seen in his early works in Yamato province, O-MARU(大丸) is seen in his later works.


  • Shizu Saburo Kaneuzi was born in Yamato province and belonged to the TEGAI SCHOOL(手掻派).
  • Before he laid the foundation of the MINO Tradition(美濃伝), the smith lived in Yamato and Sagami province to learn the Yamato tradition and the Soshu tradition.
  • While he lived in the Sagami province he was an apprentice of the legendary smith Masamune(正宗). The smith’s style is said to be reminiscent of Masamune’s style the most among his apprentices.
  • In his early years, he worked in Yamato province and his works of the time have some of the Yamato tradition characteristics. Such a sword is called Yamato Shizu(大和志津). 
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