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SHITAHARA SCHOOL(下原派), was a Japanese sword school founded by Chikashige(周重) in the Shitahara area of Musashi province.



  • The late Muromachi to Edo period.

Famous Swordsmiths from the school

  • Chikashige(周重)
  • Hiroshige(廣重)
  • Masashige(正重)
  • Munekuni(宗國)
  • Terushige(照重)
  • Yasushige(康重)
  • Yasukuni(安國)


Shape : Wide and thin blade with a shallow SORI(反り).
Hada : Blackish MOKUME-HADA(杢目肌) that contains the spiral pattern in parts.
Hamon : NIOI-DEKI(匂出来)GUNOME(互の目), NOTARE(のたれ)SANBON-SUGI(三本杉) or SUGUHA(直刃).
BoshiMIDARE-KOMI(乱れ込み) or ICHIMAI BOSHI(一枚帽子).
Yasurime : Straight or a little slanting pattern.
Other :


  • The school founder, Terushige worked in Soshu province before moving to the Shitahara area. So the school swords show some characteristics of the SOSHU Tradition(相州伝).
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