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What is Shinto(新刀)?

  • Shinto, which literally means “New sword”, refers to a sword made from around 1596–1780. 
  • The establishment of the Edo Shogunate brought peace to Japan and made stable logistics available throughout the country. So that the smiths were able to get the better iron sand wherever they live and it made them traveled around the country to meet the demand.
  • Since the era of peace started, the demand for swords decreased in Japan, but the Japanese sword gradually gained popularity outside of Japan.
  • Shinto period smiths abandoned the traditional way and started to develop the visually appealing Hamon.

Common differences between Shinto and Koto

  Shinto Koto
HAMON(刃文) Flamboyant Simple
MEI(銘) ZURYOUMEI is inscribed often. a smith’s name and the school’s name inscribed.
YASURIME(鑢目) Geometric(KESHO) Simple(straight or slanting)
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