shinshinto japanese sword

What is Shinshinto(新々刀)?

  • Shinshinto refers to swords made around 1781–1876.
  • Unlike the Koto period(古刀), many smiths of Shinshinto period acquired all the GOKADEN(五ヶ伝) techniques in order to meet a customer’s request. They often recreate some old masterpiece swords so as to challenge themselves and to analyze the techniques.
  • The advance in transportation and iron-making made smiths able to make a sword wherever they were. On the other hand, However, this advance made each smith’s style less unique.

Common Differences from SHINTO(新刀)

Shape : *Read the post “Shape of Sword : End of the Edo period“.
Hada : Finely-grained ITAME-HADA pattern but the pattern stand out less.
Hamon : Coarse NIE(). Flamboyant lesser Hamon with a short SUGU-YAKIDASHI(直焼出し).
Boshi : Wavy(MIDARE-KOMI).

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