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SHIMADA SCHOOL(島田派), was a Japanese sword school founded by Tomitsugu(富次) in Suruga province.



  • Muromachi to Edo period.

Famous Swordsmiths from the school

  • Gisuke(義助), aka Tomitsugu(富次)
  • Hirosuke(広助), a son of Gisuke
  • Sukemune(助宗), a younger brother of Gisuke


Shape : Unlike other schools, they left many Yari(槍).
Hamon : Gentle GUNOME(互の目) called Koshi-Hiraki Gunome(腰開き互の目), which has a straight bottom.
Other :


  • The school founder Tomitsugu changed his smith name to Gisuke when he was given the Kanji character “義”(reading Gi or Yoshi) by the Suruga provincial military governor, Imagawa Yoshitada(今川義忠), then Tomitsugu. The name of Gisuke was succeeded through 4 generations.
  • Thanks to the Tokaido highway, which connected the capital city of Japan with the outer provinces, the school had a chance to learn some techniques from the other schools located on the highway. This is the reason why the school swords display some characteristics of some schools in Shoshu, Ise, and Mino provinces.
  • The school swords display influence from the SOSHU Tradition(相州伝) also, as the founder was an apprentice of Masahiro(正広) in Soshu province.
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