Shape of Tanto : Periodical Comparison

tanto shapes comparison

The Tanto(短刀) originated at some time from the end of the Heian to the early Kamakura period. Unlike the shape of Katana and Tachi, the shape of Tanto hadn’t changed dramatically because it was designed as a secondary weapon. But even the slight changes in the shape would give you an insight into the Tanto appraising.

The following breakdown shows the average cutting edge length and the size and the type of SORI(反り) for each period.

Period Cutting Edge Sori Size
Sori Type
1222-1289 21 – 26 cm Very Shallow Uchi
1290-1333 27 cm None or Subtle  
1334-1393 30 cm Medium  
1394-1466 30 cm Shallow  
1467-1595 30 cm Deep Saki
1568-1615 30 cm Medium
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