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SENJUIN SCHOOL(千手院派)  was a Japanese sword school founded by Yukinobu (行信) near the Senjuin temple, Yamato province(大和).



  • Late Heian period(1100-1185) to Nanbokucho period(1336-1392)

Famous Swordsmiths from the school

  • Kuniyoshi(国吉)
  • Rikiou(力王)
  • Shigehiro(重弘) 
  • Shigeyuki(重行) 
  • Yukimasa(行正)
  • Yukinobu(行信)


Shape : Thick blade with KOSHI-SORI(腰反り), High SHINOGI-SUJI(鎬筋), and IKUBI-KISSAKI(猪首切先).
Hada :
MOKUME-HADA(杢目肌) blended with MASAME-HADA(柾目肌).
Hamon :
SUGUHA(直刃) which resembles frayed thread. NIJUBA(二重刃)KUICHIGAIBA(喰違刃), KINSUJI(金筋) apparent.
Boshi :


  • The Senjuin school was the oldest among the 5 YAMATO tradition schools.
  • The school is believed to have made the swords for the monk warriors only. For that reason, the smiths didn’t inscribe their name into the NAKAGO(茎) then almost all their swords are unsigned. Especially their earlier singed swords haven’t been founded yet. 
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