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SEKI SCHOOL(関派) refers to swordsmiths working in the Seki village of Mino province. The swords made by them are referred to as SEKI MONO(関物) also. 



  • Nanbokucho period to Muromachi period.

Famous Swordsmiths of Seki

  • Izumikami Kanesada(和泉守兼定)
  • Kaneshige(金重)
  • Magoroku Kanemoto(孫六兼元)
  • Motoshige(元重)


Shape :
Hada : ITAME-HADA(板目肌) blended with MASAME-HADA(柾目肌).
Hamon : Pointed GUNOME(互の目).


  • The Seki school focused on the cutting ability and practical use rather than appearance in order to meet the great demand during the SENGOKU PERIOD(戦国時代), the age of wars. To meet such great demand, the school started mass production of a sword called Sue-Seki Mono(末関物).
  • Thanks to the Tokaido highway, which connected the capital city of Japan with the outer provinces, Mino province became a hub of transportation and logistics of the time, it made the school more and more prosperous.
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