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SA YUKIHIDE(左行秀) was a swordsmith active in the Edo city of Musashi and Tosa province. 



  • 1813-1891.

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Shape : Robust-looking long sword with a large KISSAKI(切先) and sallow SORI(反り).
Hada : Finely-grained MOKUME-HADA(杢目肌) or MASAME-HADA(柾目肌).
Hamon : NIE-DEKI(沸出来)SUGUHA(直刃) or NOTARE(のたれ).
BoshiICHIMAI BOSHI(一枚帽子) or KO-MARU(小丸).


  • Sa Yukihide, who’s real name was Toyonaga Hisabei(豊永久兵衛), was born in Chikozen province, he claimed that he was a descendant of the SAMONJI SCHOOL(左文字派).
  • Sometime in the early Tenpo era, he moved to the Edo city to learn from Shimizu Hisayoshi(清水久義), who was an apprentice of Hosokawa Masayoshi.
  • He worked for the Yamauchi family in Tosa province, from 1846 to 1870 and he made swords in both the Edo city and Tosa province. It was not however until he moved to Tosa province that he established his style which can be described as a blend of KOTETSU(虎徹) and INOUE SHINKAI(井上真改). Before then his swords were largely influenced by his teacher.
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