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What is Osaka Shinto(大阪新刀)?

  • The Osaksa Shinto refers to the swords made around 1596–1780 in Settsu province(Osaka prefecture today). These swords were influenced by the YAMASHIRO Tradition(山城伝) and the MINO Tradition(美濃伝), and they are renowned for its gorgeous appearance.
  • While The Osaksa Shinto blade looks highly decorative, the counterpart in the Edo city looks more functional. This is because the Edo city was a more the Samurai-oriented community where Samurai used swords often, so that its blade was designed with sharpness and durability in mind.

Common differences between Osaka and Edo

  Osaka Edo
Shape Wakizashi Katana with a shallow SORI
HAMON(刃文) Drastic and decorative, NIE apparent vividly, wider YAKIBA Less decorative, plain around MONOUCHI, narrower YAKIBA
HADA(肌) MOKUME-HADA Ruggedly-grained  blackish ITAME-HADA
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