mutsu-kami kaneyasu

MUTSU-KAMI KANEYASU(陸奥守包保) was a Japanese swordsmith born in Yamato and worked in Settsu and Shinano province. 



  • Edo period

Related swordsmiths

  • Iga-kami Kanemichi(伊賀守包道)
  • Mutsu-kami Kanetsugu(陸奥守包重)*adopted son of the smith.
  • Mutsu-kami Kanetsugu(陸奥守包次)


Shape :
Hada : Fine-grained ITAME-HADA(板目肌) mixed with MASAME-HADA(柾目肌).
HamonNOTARE(のたれ)GUNOME(互の目) with KINSUJI(金筋) or SUNAGASHI(砂流し).
Boshi :
Others :


  • MUTSU-KAMI KANEYASU was born in Yamato province and had his roots in the TEGAI SCHOOL(手掻派), which was one of the notable schools in the province. After working there, he moved to Settsu and Shinano province later on.
  • Unlike other swordsmiths, He inscribed his signature and YASURIME(鑢目) in the opposite way as he was a lefty. Because of his inscribing style and his title of Mitsu-Kami, he is often referred to Hidari Mutsu, which literally means “Left Mutsu”.
  • His name was succeeded by his adopted son Kaneshige, but unlike his father, the son inscribed the signature in the normal way then he is called “Right Mutsu”.
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