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MOTOSHIGE(元重), was a Japanese swordsmith in Bizen province.



  • the Kamakura to the Nanbokucho period.

Related swordsmiths

  • Morishige(守重)  of Hatakeda school
  • Motoszane(元真)
  • Shigezane(重真)


Shape :
HadaMOKUME-HADA(杢目肌) blended MASAME-HADA(柾目肌) with whitish UTSURI(映り).
HamonSUGUHA(直刃) that contains GUNOME(互の目) with ASHI(足).
Boshi : Little pointed.

Other : Signature is inscribed into the backside of the NAKAGO(茎)


  • Motoshige was the son of Morishige of the Hatakeda school.
  • His name is considered to have been succeeded through many generations. This is because most of his extant swords span long periods of time and the swords have different styles.
  • He is considered to have something to do with the AOE SCHOOL(青江派) because his style of the Yasurime and the way he inscribed the signature is the same with the school.
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