motohira japanese sword

MOTOHIRA (元平) was the Japanese swordsmith in Satsuma province.



  • AD 1744-1826

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Shape : Wide and thick but tapered blade which is called Motohira-sugata(元平姿) .
Hamon : Rough NIE-DEKI(沸出来),Pointed GUNOME(互の目) mixed with NOTARE(のたれ)KINSUJI(金筋)SUNAGASHI(砂流し).
Other : KATANA(刀)has MEI(銘) carved into the back side, while WAKIZASHI (脇差) and TANTO (短刀) have it the other side.


  • With Houki-kami Masayuki(伯耆守正幸), Motohira was a guru in Satsuma province during Shinshinto period.
  • At the age of 45, he received the ZURYOUMEI(受領名) of Yamato-kami(大和守), and since then, he started inscribing his signature of  “Oku Yamato-kami Taira Ason Motohira”(奥大和守平朝臣元平).
  • The smith was well-known among the swordsmiths of the time already, some famous smiths, namely Bizen Sukehira(備前祐平) and Sumi Motooki(角元興) came all the way to Satsuma province to be his apprentice.
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