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MIZUTA SCHOOL(水田派) was a Japanese sword school founded by Tatsubo Kunishige(辰房国重) in Mizuta of Bizen province.



  • The end of the Muromachi period to Edo period

Famous Swordsmiths from the school

  • Otsuki Gen(大月源) * the first-ever female smith.
  • Otsuki Saburozaemon(大月三郎左衛門)
  • Otsuki Yogoro(大月与五郎)
  • Tatsubo Kunishige(辰房国重)


Shape : Tapered blade with shallow SORI(反り).
Hada : Very tight-grained NASHIJI-HADA(梨子地肌), the Hada pattern is not discernible.
Hamon : NIE-DEKI(沸出来), partially pointed NOTARE(のたれ) or GUNOME(互の目)SUGUHA(直刃) with SUNAGASHI(砂流し)HITATSURA(皆焼).
Boshi : ICHIMAI BOSHI(一枚帽子) or MIDARE-KOMI(乱れ込み).


  • The origin of the Mizuta school remain unclear but the school founder is believed to have been a descendant of Tametsugu(為次) of the AOE SCHOOL(青江派).
  • All smiths of the school used the signature of Kunishige(国重) instead of their name, to show respect for the founder.
  • The total number of the smith reached nearly 80.
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