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MINAMOTO KIYOMARO(源清麿) was a Japanese swordsmith working in Edo, Musashi province. He was one of the most famous swordsmiths ever.



  • ca. 1813-1854

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Shape : Robust looking KATANA() with a shallow SORI(反り), long KISSAKI(切先), less FUKURA(ふくら).
Hada : MOKUME-HADA(杢目肌)*his earlier works had smaller one.
Hamon : GUNOME(互の目)SUNAGASHI(砂流し), distinctive thick KINSUJI(金筋).


  • Minamoto Kiyomaro and his brother Yamaura Saneo aspired to be a Samurai first. They moved to the Edo city and became an apprentice of a swordsman Kubota Koyone(窪田清音). But once the teacher recognized his apprentice’s gift of swords making, he persuaded him to be a swordsmith.
  • He is said to have suffered from alcohol addiction out of the gap between his public image and his real character. Drinking too much alcohol made him paralyzed and unable to make a sword. on November 14, 1854, he commuted suicide due to depression at the age of 42. After he suicided, Kiyomaro’s great apprentice Kiyondo made it his responsibility to complete his teacher’s unfinished work.
  • Throughout his life, he didn’t make a sword a lot. The number of his swords is only 130 or so.
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