What is Kuwana-Uchi(桑名打ち)?

kuwana-uchi japanese sword

  • Kuwana-Uchi literally means “a sword made in the Kuwana city of Ise province“. In most cases, however, it refers to the fake swords made in Kuwana as many fake swords are thought to have been made there during the end of the Edo period.
  • Fake sword makers of Kuwana were very proficient. They made any types of swords but the most that remain today are copies of the old swords of Bizen province.
  • Mishina Hirofusa(三品広房) was one of the most skilled fake swordsmiths in the area. His fake swords are considered to be by far sharper than the originals.
  • Since KOYAMA MUNETSUGU (固山宗次) made swords in the Kuwana city he is often considered to have been a member of the fake swordsmith group by mistake.
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