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KOYAMA MUNETSUGU (固山宗次) was a Japanese swordsmith in Musashi province.



  • Late Edo period

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Shape : Wide and thick.
Hada : Clear and bright ITAME-HADA(板目肌) grained very well so that it almost appears nothing, looks like a mirror.
Hamon :  NIOI-DEKI(匂出来), irregular CHOJI(丁子).
Others : Master of BIZEN Tradition(備前伝).


  • Koyama Munetsugu was born in 1803, he had 2 elderly brothers, Koyama Munehira(固山宗平) and Koyama Munetoshi(固山宗俊).
  • He learned under Kato Tunahide(加藤綱英). But apparently Tsunatoshi’s younger brother Chounsai Tsunatoshi influenced his sword making.
  • He was close to the sword testers namely Yamada Asaemon(山田浅右衛門), Yamada Gosaburo(山田五三郎) and Iga Tomoo(伊賀兎毛). So that many his swords have SAIDAN-MEI(裁断銘).
  • He left many well-made swords throughout his active period of 43 years, and it’s okay to say that Munetsugu reached his prime in Tenpo era(1830-1844), considering that over half of his works designated NBTHK Juyo Token (important sword) are from that period.
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