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KIYONDO(清人) was a Japanese swordsmith working in Edo, Musashi province.



  • ca. 1827 – 1901

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Shape : Wide sword with shallower SORI(反り) and longer KISSAKI(切先).
Hada : Fine-grained MOKUME-HADA(杢目肌)MASAME-HADA(柾目肌) is also common in his later works.
Hamon :  GUNOME(互の目), the size of which are almost the same.



  • Kiyondo was born in Yuatsumi in Yamagata prefecture, but in 1852 he moved to Edo city of Musashi province and became an apprentice of Kiyomaro but his apprenticeship ended just 2 years later when Kiyomaro died after committing suicided. While other apprentices left, Kiyondo made it his responsibility to complete his teacher’s unfinished work.
  • Due to Haitorei(廃刀令), the Law of Prohibition of Carrying Swords, the demand for Japanese swords declined hugely, which forced Kiyondo to retire in 1870 when he took over his family’s hotel business.
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