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KIYOMITSU(清光) was a Japanese swordsmith in Bizen province.



  • Muromachi period

Famous Swordsmiths working under the name of Kiyomitsu

  • Goro Zaemon(五郎左衛門尉)
  • Katsubei(勝兵衛)
  • Magoemon(孫右衛門尉)
  • Yosozaemon(与三衛門尉)


Shape :
Hada : ITAME-HADA(板目肌).

Hamon : SUGUHA(直刃).
Boshi : KO-MARU(小丸).
Other : The production time and the smiths’ ZOKUMEI(俗名) are often inscribed into the NAKAGO(茎).


  • Kiyomitsu had its roots in KOZORI SCHOOL(小反派).
  • His was succeeded by many smiths, there were over 30 smiths using the name from 1532 to 1593. Among them, Goro Zaemon and Magoemon are considered the most highly-qualified.
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