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KAZU-UCHI(数打ち), also called Kazu-Uchi-Mono, refers to the mass-produced swords made in Bizen province during the late Muromachi period. These swords are also categorized as Sue Bizen sword(末備前).



  • The late Muromachi period


Shape : Katana with a blade 66cm to 70cm in length.
Hada : Roughly grained blackish MOKUME-HADA(杢目肌) with an often exposed SHINGANE (心鉄).
Boshi : Different pattern on the front and back.
Yasurime :
Other :


  • The late Muromachi period, also known as SENGOKU PERIOD(戦国時代), was the age of many wars and countless battles in the country increased demand for swords. These swords were made in Bizen province but most of them are considered of inferior quality, so to speak.
  • Kazu-Uchi swords tend to have just the signature of Bishu Osahune and the name of the smith; 備州長船〇〇. But some of these swords are of a higher quality and such swords often have the longer signature; Bishu Osahune, the production date and the name of the smith. sometimes the name of the owner was also inscribed.
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