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KANEWAKA(兼若), was a Japanese swordsmith in Kaga province. 



  • Edo period.

Related swordsmiths

  • Arihira(有平)
  • Kagehira(景平)


Shape : Blade with a shallow SORI(反り) and a large KISSAKI(切先).
HadaMOKUME-HADA(杢目肌) blended with ITAME-HADA(板目肌).
HamonHAKOBA(箱刃) is often seen in the swords by the 2nd and the 3rd generation Kanewaka.
Boshi : Small MIDARE-KOMI(乱れ込み).

YasurimeO-Sujikai(大筋違) or Katte-Sagari(勝手下り).
Other : The swords by the first generation Kanewaka often have the carving.


  • Kanewaka was born in Mino province but moved to Kaga province later on and gained fame there.
  • He is believed to have been a descendant of SHIZU SABURO KANEUJI(志津三郎兼氏).
  • He changed his smith name to Takahira(高平) when receiving the ZURYOUMEI(受領名) of Ecchu-kami(越中守).
  • His name was succeeded through many generations so that it’s difficult to tell which generation made a sword. Because their signatures are very similar and some of them worked in the same period.
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