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JUMYO SCHOOL(寿命派)was a Japanese sword school founded by Kondo Sukesaemon (近藤助左衛門) as known as Ganmaku Toshinaga(岩捲寿命) in Seki of Mino province.



  •  Edo period.

Famous Swordsmiths from the school

  • Kondo Sukesaemon (近藤助左衛門) as known as *school founder
  • Kuniyoshi(国吉)
  • Munetsugu(宗次)
  • Muneyoshi(宗吉)
  • Sukemune(助宗)


*The characteristics of the Jumyo school sword vary from smith to smith but the swords display YAMATO Tradition(大和伝) and MINO Tradition(美濃伝) in common.


  •  The school founder Kondo Sukesaemon was born in 1580 at Seki of Mino province. He moved to Owari province later on and named himself Ganmaku Toshinaga(岩捲寿命) and founded the school.
  •  The school was named after the founder’s name Toshinaga, which can be pronounced as “Jumyo” which means lifetime or longevity also. As the meaning was so cheerful and hopeful, their swords were prized as celebrated gifts among Samurai and swordsmen.
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