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FUKUOKA ICHIMONJI SCHOOL(福岡一文字派) was a branch of the Ichimonji School founded by Norimune (則宗) in Fukuoka of Bizen province(備前).



  • Middle Kamakura period(ca 1250)

Famous Swordsmiths from the school

  • Naomune(尚宗)
  • Nobufusa(助房)
  • Nobukane(信包)
  • Nobumasa(信正)
  • Norifusa(則房)*founder of the Katayama Ichimonji(片山一文字).
  • Sukefusa(助房)
  • Sukemori(助守)
  • Sukeyoshi(助吉)*founder of the Yoshioka Ichimonji(吉岡一文字派).
  • Sukezane(助真)*founder of the Kamakura Ichimonji(鎌倉一文字派).
  • Yoshifusa(吉房)
  • Yoshihira(吉平)
  • Yoshiie(吉家)
  • Yoshikane(吉包)
  • Yoshimune(吉宗)
  • Yoshizane(吉真)


Shape : TACHI(太刀) or TANTO (短刀) with a wide blade, an IKUBI-KISSAKI(猪首切先),and a TORII-SORI(鳥居反り).
Hada : Finely-grained MOKUME-HADA(杢目肌) with UTSURI(映り) apparent.

Hamon : NIOI-DEKI(匂出来). Large CHOJI(丁子) or JUKA-CHOJI(重花丁子)
Boshi : MIDARE-KOMI(乱れ込み) and YAKIZUME(焼詰) with a short KAERI(返り).


  • The school had so many highly-skilled smiths, some of them founded their own school later on.
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