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HOSOKAWA MASAYOSHI(細川正義) was a swordsmith active in the Edo city of Musashi province. 



  • 1786-1859.

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*The smith’s swords are categorized into the BIZEN style or the SOSHU style but his early works were somehow reminiscent of OSAKA SHINTO(大阪新刀).

Bizen style :
Shape :
Hada : Finely-grained MOKUME-HADA(杢目肌).
Hamon : NIOI-DEKI(匂出来), BIZEN style Choji, tight NIOIKUCHI(匂口).
Boshi :

Soshu style :
Shape : Reminiscent of Nanbokucho period sword.
Hada : Largely-grained ITAME-HADA(板目肌).
Hamon : NIE-DEKI(沸出来), wavy Hamon, loose NIOIKUCHI(匂口).


  • Hosokawa Masayoshi was born to a family that had been making living by making armor in Tochigi prefecture.
  • His father was also a swordsmith named Hosokawa Masayoshi. So strictly speaking, he should be referred to as Hosokawa Masayoshi the 2nd generation, but as his father was as famous as him, we usually don’t add the 2nd generation when we refer to him. Until he succeeded his father’s smith name he used the name Masakata”正方” in his early works. 
  • In 1805, he moved to the Edo city to learn under SUISHINSHI MASAHIDE(水心子正秀). He and TAIKEI NAOTANE(大慶直胤) were the best leading smiths of the teacher.



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