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HOKI-KAMI NOBUTAKA(伯耆守信高) was a Japanese swordsmith working in Mino and Owari province. His name was succeeded through 10 generations until the end of the Edo period. 



  • ca. 1561 – 1636

Related swordsmiths

  • Kanekuni(兼國)


Shape : Wide sword with shallow SORI(反り) and bigger KISSAKI(切先).
Hada : Fine-grained MOKUME-HADA(杢目肌) that partially contains MASAME-HADA(柾目肌).
HamonNIE-DEKI(沸出来), Wavy Hamon partially pointed.
BoshiMIDARE-KOMI(乱れ込み)KO-MARU(小丸) or TOGARI(尖り).


  • Hoki-Kami Nobutaka was a descendant of Kanekuni, who founded the Sanami school(三阿弥派) in Seki of Mino province.
  • The wordsmith is rated at the Wazamono ranking.
  • The swords by the later generations are inferior to those by the early generations(the 1st to the 3rd), the Hamon of them look monotonous.
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