FUJIWARA KUNISUKE 1st (初代藤原河内守国助)

fujiwara kunisuke 1st japanese sword

FUJIWARA KUNISUKE the 1st(藤原河内守国助初代), also known as Oya Kunisuke(親国助), was a Japanese swordsmith in Settsu province.



  • Early Edo period

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Shape :
Hada : Finely-grained ITAME-HADA(板目肌).
Hamon : Irregular CHOJI(丁子).
Boshi :
Other : OSAKA YAKIDASHI(大阪焼出し).


  • Fujiwara Kunisuke the 1st was said to have learned under Horikawa Kunihiro but considering his early workmanship, he might be thaught by, his senior pupil, Echigo-kami Kunitomo.
  • Kunisuke and his fellow pupil, Izumi-kami Kunisada, had a big influence on the swordsmiths in Osaka prefecture of the time so much that many smiths in the region copied their style. These swords inspired by them are called the OSAKA SHINTO(大阪新刀).
  • As his sons and grandson succeeded to his name, Japanese sword collectors often refer to him as Oya Kunisuke(親国助), which literary means “Father Kunisuke”, in order to distinguish him from other generations.
  • He and his fellow Izumi-kami Fujiwara Kunisada the 1st’s style have a lot in common.
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