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EDO ISHIDO SCHOOL(江戸石堂派) was a branch of the Ishido school(石堂派) in Edo city of Musahi province.



  • The Edo period

Famous Swordsmiths from the school

  • Echizen-kami Munehiro(越前守宗弘) *belonging to the Tsushima-kami Tunemitsu faction.
  • Mitsuhira(光平) *belonging to the Tsushima-kami Tunemitsu faction.
  • Tsushima-kami Tunemitsu(対馬守常光)


Shape : Most of their works are the Koto-style KATANA(刀) or WAKIZASHI (脇差)TANTO (短刀) is few.
Hada : Largely-grained MOKUME-HADA(杢目肌)MASAME-HADA(柾目肌) apparent in SHINOGI-JI(鎬地). UTSURI(映り).

Hamon : NIOI-DEKI(匂出来). CHOJI(丁子) or SAKA-CHOJI(逆丁子) reminiscent of the Ichomonji schools(一文字派). No YAKIDASHI(焼出し). Tight NIOIKUCHI(匂口).
Boshi : MIDARE-KOMI(乱れ込み)KO-MARU(小丸).
Nakago : KATTE-SAGARI(勝手下がり) or SUJIKAI(筋違).


  • There were 2 factions in the Edo Ishido school, one is led by Unju Korekazu and the other is by Tsushima-kami Tunemitsu.
  • Some of the unsigned swords attributed to the Ichimonji schools are said to have been altered from the Ishido schools’ swords, as their style has a lot in common. Then, some bad sword dealers made such alternations on the Ishido swords by removing the signature, making the Nakago look old, and carving a groove in the Shinogi-ji in order to erase the Masame-hada there, which is not seen in the Ichimonji schools’ swords.
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