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CHOUNSAI TSUNATOSHI(長運斎綱俊) was a Japanese swordsmith in Yonezawa, Dewa province. His name was succeeded by his second son.



  • 1798-1863.

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Shape :
Hada :
HamonNIOI-DEKI(匂出来)CHOJI(丁子) mixed with GUNOME(互の目).
Boshi :


  • Chounsai Tsunatoshi’s real name was Kato Hachiro, he was born as the 3rd son to Kato Izumi-kami Kunihide(加藤和泉守国秀). His elder brother was a renowned TORANBA Hamon maker, Kato Tsunahide.
  • With his brother, Tsunatoshi found Kato school(加藤一門), which was well-known for making Bizen Tradition style swords. There’re many famous swordsmiths in the school, namely Koyaa Munetsugu, Sekido Unju Korekazu, Kato Naganobu(高橋長信) and Seiryuken Moritoshi(青竜軒盛俊).
  • After the swordsmith’s second son Koretoshi(是俊) succeeded the name of Chounsai Taunatoshi in 1856, he changed his smith name to Chojusai Tsunatoshi(長寿斎綱俊). Choju(長寿) in his new name means “Longevity”.
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