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CHIYOZURU SCHOOL(千代鶴派) was a Japanese sword school founded by Kuniyasu the 2nd generation (国安二代) of the NAKAJIMA RAI SCHOOL(中島来派) in Echizen province. The school is also known as the Echizen Rai school(越前来).



  • Nanbokucho period to Muromachi period.

Famous Swordsmiths from the school

  • Ieyasu(家安)
  • Ieyoshi(家吉)
  • Kuniyasu the 2nd(国安二代)*founder
  • Morifusa(守房)
  • Morihiro(守弘)
  • Morihiro(森弘)
  • Morishige(守重)


Shape : Wide but rather thin blade.
Hada : Blackish.
HamonNIE-DEKI(沸出来). SUGUHA(直刃) with ASHI(足) and YO(葉). Irregular small GUNOME(互の目).


  • The school founder Kuniyasu 2nd generation is considered to have been a great-grandson of Kunitoshi(国俊) of the RAI SCHOOL(来派).
  • The school was named after the founder’s childhood name, Chiyozurumaru(千代鶴丸).
  • There are two attributions given to the school’s unsigned sword. One is the attribution of the Chiyozuru school, it is often given to their swords made in the Muromachi period and another is the attribution of the Echizen Rai school, it is often given to their older swords in better quality.
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