Gokaden means the regional characteristics of the Japanese sword produced during the Koto period(900 to 1596) in 5 major regions; Bizen, Mino, Soshu, Yamashiro, and Yamato province. These [...]


What is Tagane-Makura(鏨枕)? A Tagane-Makura refers to the rim of the signature, which is made when a swordsmith inscribed his signature in the NAKAGO(茎) with the chisel called Tagane(鏨). This is [...]


YASUKUNI-TO(靖国刀) refers to the swords made by the swordsmiths of Nihonto Tanren Kai (Japanese Sword Forging Association). Region Tokyo metropolis Active 1933-1945 Famous Swordsmiths Yasuaki(靖要) [...]


What is Zokumei(俗名)? Zokumei refers to the real name of the swordsmith. It’s often seen in the swords made in Bizen province during the Sengoku period.


What is Kaki-Boshi(書き帽子)? Kaki-Boshi refers to adding a new BOSHI(帽子) by polishing and needling. Even under the light, it’s still hard to tell if the Boshi is a Kaki-Boshi or not. It [...]


What is Ubuha(生ぶ刃)? Ubuha, also known as Ububa, refers to a 10cm unsharpened cutting edge area above the HA-MACHI(刃区).  When a blade is newly made, polishers keep the area unsharpened on [...]


What is Sayagaki(鞘書き)? Sayagaki refers to the attribution or appraisal written on the SHIRASAYA(白鞘). In many cases, it mentions the swordsmith and the other inscriptions on the NAKAGO(茎), the [...]


What is Kinpun-Mei(金粉銘)? Kinpun-Mei refers to the gold lacquer attribution written on the NAKAGO(茎) of an unsigned sword. Most of them were written by Honami Ringa(本阿弥琳雅) and Honami Koson(本阿弥光遜) [...]


What is Chokuto(直刀)? Chokuto refers to a straight, single-edged Japanese sword with KATAKIRIHA-ZUKURI(片切刃造), which was produced prior to the 9th century. Its basic shape was originally brought [...]


What is Juzu-Ba(数珠刃)? Juzu-Ba refers to the rounded GUNOME(互の目) developed by a well-known swordsmith Kotetsu(虎徹), which reminds of Buddhist prayer beads. 

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