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AYANOKOJI SCHOOL(綾小路派) was a Japanese sword school founded by Sadatoshi (定利) in Yamashiro province.



  •  Kamakura period to Nanbokucho period.

Famous Swordsmiths from the school

  • Sadatoshi (定利)*school founder
  • Sadayoshi(定吉)
  • Sueyuki(末行)


Shape : Small KISSAKI(切先)
Hada :
Finely-grained ITAME-HADA(板目肌) blended with MOKUME-HADA(杢目肌).
Hamon :
NIE-DEKI(沸出来), small CHOJI(丁子) blended with GUNOME(互の目). TOBIYAKI(飛焼き) and NIJUBA(二重刃).
Boshi :
Hazy HAKIKAKE(掃掛け) or NIE-KUZURE(沸崩れ).



  • The Ayanokoji school swords have many in common with the Sanjo or Gojo schools’ swords, so the school founder Sadatoshi is considered to have belonged to either of them.
  • Sadatoshi is said to have had a close relationship Kuniyuki(国行) from the RAI SCHOOL(来派) and sometimes they made the swords on behalf of each other.
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