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AWATAGUCHI SCHOOL(粟田口派) was a Japanese sword school founded by the 6 sons of Kuniie (国家) in Yamashiro province.



  • Kamakura period(1185–1333) 

Famous Swordsmiths from the school

  • Arikuni(有国)
  • Hisakuni(久国)
  • Kuniie(国家)
  • Kunikiyo(国清)
  • Kunitomo(国友)
  • Kunitsuna(国綱)
  • Kuniyasu(国安)


Shape : Sword with a narrow width, a small KISSAKI(切先), and a TORII-SORI(鳥居反り)
NIE-DEKI(沸出来), small MOKUME-HADA(杢目肌) or NASHIJI-HADA(梨子地肌).
Hamon :
NIOIKUCHI(匂口) stands out, SUGUHA(直刃).
Boshi :


  • Kuniie was believed to be the founder but any of his works have not found so far. For this reason, his 6 sons, Kunitomo, Hisakuni, Kuniyasu, Kunikiyo, Arikuni, and Kunitsuna are considered to have been the founders instead.
  • The school made the swords focusing on the grace and the beauty as their major clients were imperial family and the court nobles.
  • The 82nd Emperor of Japan, Gotoba (後鳥羽天皇) had a great interest in sword making. After his retirement, he ordered som notable swordsmiths of the time to teach him sword making, and from the Awataguchi school, Kuniyasu and Kunitomo were chosen.
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